A Brioche, Bacon, Egg and Cheese morning

A good Sunday morning starts with a bacon egg and cheese sandwich and a fresh cup of fair trade coffee.  A better Sunday morning starts with fresh made brioche bread and a sunny playlist.  I’ve been flipping through this Fannie Farmer cookbook for inspiration recently and have already started on two different loafs of bread. Here we’ve got the Brioche.This is the first recipe where I don’t think I could have pulled it off without a stand mixer.  Two thirds of a cup of butter is called to be beaten in to the flour.  You can’t beat cold, cubed butter in to squat.  There are some methods for pastry making that call for the butter to be combined in to the flour so it appears like little pebbles.  This is so the butter gradually melts within the dough, leaving air pockets and steaming the dough from within.  It’s awesome but it doesn’t work for brioche. Please let me know otherwise in the comments.

Brioche Bacon Egg and Cheese
Brioche Bacon Egg and Cheese

Anyway, I made three loaves here. One was a full size loaf that I screwed up by not letting it rise long enough and two were formed in to these mini loaf pans I picked up at a flea market.  Glad they finally came to good use!  In the photo above, I used the mini loaf for the perfect 6×6 bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.  Honestly, it tasted even better than the photo makes it look.  I’m still working on the photography thing.

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