The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines Eat Up as “used to tell someone to start or continue eating. Eat up! Your dinner is getting cold.”

Similarly, I’m using Eat Up as a call to be more aware, interested, and involved in what you eat, where you eat it and with whom you eat it. Eat Up! Kitchen is a place to talk about what influences our food choices and how those choices influence the ecosystem of food around us.

If you’re not preparing your own food at home, we’ll be posting recipes that span the basics to the adventurous. It’s important to cook at home and to be mindful of what you’re preparing. Come on, cooking is fun and it’s totally the most important thing you do all day long. Don’t make me say ‘you are what you eat’.

We’ll discuss trendy topics like cage-free eggs, and pasture-raised, grass-fed cows, and just what is a GMO. We eat meat here at Eat Up Kitchen, so while we certainly care that our food is treated humanely, we recognize that it’s still food. I hope to highlight local/regional farms and food providers and talk about why you should buy your food from them instead of the grocery store.

Buying locally raised food is great for everyone. It’s especially good for the local businesses who get to feed their families and keep providing you with amazing products. But it’s not just the farmers, local restaurants buy tons of local fresh ingredients too. If you’re going to eat fresh foods at home, why on earth would you go to a chain to buy mass-produced, sugar and saturated fat filled food-like products.

Another benefit of eating at a local restaurant is you’ll have a greater chance of getting to know the owners and chefs. These are people who work their asses off to feed your OMG I’m starving face. So, be nice to them and eat there often and you’ll get free shit. And bring a lot of people with you. Seriously though, my point here is that eating should be about togetherness, community, and being kind to one another. You should eat with humans as frequently as possible (pets do not count). Preferably with eye-contact and your speaking voices, and an adult beverage. And music.

Part of this site is going to focus on music and beverages. Because you can’t eat without one or the other. You can follow me on Spotify where I’ll be posting some playlists to play while cooking, eating, partying, etc. My beverage posts will cover some of the basic cocktails, some beverage pairings, as well as some quick wine and beer reviews. I’ll also keep a running list of seasonal and holiday beverage pairings.

That’s a lot to cover and that’s maybe only half of the things that are on my mind. We’re set up on all the major social media accounts so I fully intend on interacting with people on a daily basis. Eat Up! is as much about the community as it is about the commodity. I want to interact with people on and offline so we bring it all together in one place and learn from one another.

I’m Anthony. I recently turned forty and I live in Philadelphia. Cooking is a passion I’ve always been afraid to turn in to a career. I’ve been posting on wordpress since 2010; sometimes food, sometimes music, sometimes thoughts. I sometimes have dinner parties that are far too extensive for one person to pull off alone but I love to feed people. I don’t believe everything I read but I think it’s important to be mindful of the environment and animal welfare. I want to Eat Up! with you.

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