You’ve gotta listen to some tunes while you cook, right? Here’s some playlists!

Gen X Christmas

As a Gen-Xer, I have to say we had some of the best Christmas music growing up. Not only did our parents play all the classics by Frank and Dean and Bing, we had an innumerably dense amount of bands and musical genres from the early 70s through the late […]

Something New 4U Playlist

I can’t stop listening to these tracks! I hope you find something interesting you haven’t heard before.   Follow me on Apple Music or Spotify! My Apple Music account is updated more regularly than Spotify.

Cookout Playlist

My most eclectic mix. Good times for grillin’ and parties. I usually update this every summer. Send requests!!  

Jane’s Addiction – Live in NYC

As the spring teases us with the whispers of summer, I’d like to share one of my favorite bands from my teenage summers.  I put this on the other day when it was eighty plus degree in Philly.  It’s pure motivation to cook, clean, dance, make love, eat, play volleyball, you […]

Sunny Breakfast Playlist

This playlist was inspired by the image of waking up just before dawn and having your coffee and eggs by the window just as the first golden rays come through your curtains. Hit play just as you get out of bed. Get your coffee ground and brewed then sit back […]