How To Cut An Onion

How To Cut An Onion

How many ways can you cut an onion? Recipes can call for slices or dices or onions that are chopped or minced. There are specific reasons for each of these cuts and there’s more than one way to accomplish them. Let’s look at ten ways to cut an onion. Skip […]

Paper Bags or Plastic Bags? (hint: neither)

Please check Further Reading at the bottom of the page for updated information on plastic recycling. I’m old enough to remember a world before the ubiquity of plastic bags. I’d wrapped each arm around a brown paper bag full of groceries then grabbed two more as I hauled them from […]

Philly Farmers Markets

List of Farmers’ Markets around Philadelphia Please message Anthony if you’re able to provide updates and new listings!! Jump to: Philadelphia | Philly Suburbs | South Jersey | Sources Farmers’ Markets in Philadelphia 4th & Lehigh Farmers’ Market 4th Street and West Lehigh Avenue Seasonal, 12 to 4 p.m. on […]

Soft Cooked Eggs - Sousvide

What’s the best way to Soft Cook an Egg?

There was some time a couple of months back where I kept overhearing conversations about the best way to cook an egg. I genuinely wasn’t sure so I didn’t have anything to add to the conversation. What do you do when you’re not smart enough to talk about something? YOU […]

Tomahawk Steak

How NOT to cook a 60 dollar Tomahawk Steak

Nothing worse could happen on your grill than overcooking the perfect cut of expensive beef. Let me share my horrible mistake with you. Look at that beef. It’s a perfect three pound Tomahawk Rib Eye Steak I picked up for Memorial Day Weekend at L. Halteman in Reading Terminal Market. […]

How to Butcher a Whole Chicken

How to Butcher a Whole Chicken

Here’s a quick and easy guide for butchering a whole chicken in about 5 steps. After an amazing Amish chicken dinner at Talula’s Daily in Washington Sq. Philadelphia, I was inspired to brine and perfectly bake my own chicken. Long story short, I have a little work to do on […]

Eat Up! Kitchen One Year

Eat Up! Kitchen: Year One

The first Eat Up! Kitchen recipe was posted on March 5th, 2017. The first email went out to thirty one subscribers on March 31st. This is the one year anniversary of Eat Up! Kitchen but it’s neither the beginning nor the end of my journey. I’ve posted nearly one hundred […]

What’s your backup plan?

I recently posted on my personal Facebook page that I had a hard drive crash and had sent it out to a data recovery facility.  In addition to three years of all my personal and family photos, this hard drive contained much of the food photography I’ve taken for this […]

The Frog Commissary Cookbook

The Frog Commissary Cookbook

As a gesture to help more people find and cook with this book, I’m doing a Cookbook Giveaway!! Check it out at The Frog Commissary Cookbook Giveaway. If memory serves me correctly, I was first introduced to the Frog Commissary cookbook as a kid by my uncle.  He was a pretty big […]

The Original Italian Hot Dog

The Original Italian Hot Dog

Traditionally, ‘our’ Italian Hot Dog is served on an Italian bread torpedo roll, has fried peppers and potatoes and comes with deli mustard.  I par boil my potatoes before crisping them up in some oil.  My peppers are essentially slow braised in olive oil while you make everything else.  When […]

Bloody Marry

What’s your favorite Bloody Mary recipe?

The Bloody Mary must have over a thousand different recipes.  I used to hate them.  I thought they tasted like cocktail sauce.  Then I found out I was just drinking really crappy Bloody Mary’s – probably with cocktail sauce in them.  I wanted to get some input on how you […]

Put Salt in your Coffee

Why you should put salt in your coffee.

I drink my coffee black.  I make it for myself every morning from freshly ground coffee beans. And I like a deep, rich French roast.  It was my first French roast coffee, Nestlé, imported from France back in 2003, that turned me off of using dairy and sugar in my […]

Sous-vide Steak

Sous-vide Steak from L. Halteman Family Country Foods

Shout out to one of my favorite places to spend money – food or otherwise.  There’s a consensus in Philly that Halteman’s in Reading Terminal Market has the best beef in the city. They regularly have dry aged rib eye and usually wagu, all for reasonable prices.  They’re stocked on all […]

In Defense of Food

Eat Up! with In Defense of Food

So I’m just starting this site up, I’m about twenty hours in to conceptualization, deployment, and refinement. It’s been difficult to put in to words just what it is I want to convey. I know there are some people and events that have brought this together for me, and I […]