The Original Italian Hot Dog

The Casino Original Italian Hot Dog
The Casino Original Italian Hot Dog

Traditionally, ‘our’ Italian Hot Dog is served on an Italian bread torpedo roll, has fried peppers and potatoes and comes with deli mustard.  I par boil my potatoes before crisping them up in some oil.  My peppers are essentially slow braised in olive oil while you make everything else.  When I assembled and bit in to my family’s trademark sandwich, I was transported back to the very first one I had with my dad at the counter of the Casino.  I’ve eaten some pretty incredible food in my life but nothing has ever made me smile as much as this single bite.  To make this at home, keep it simple.  Think about how this would have been made in a food cart in 1935. And, for the love of God, NO ONIONS.

According to family legend, my great-grandfather Canio, who emigrated from Montemilone Italy in 1922, created the Original Italian Hot Dog in the early 1930’s.  He had a food cart outside the state house in Trenton NJ selling hot dogs loaded with potatoes and peppers on a torpedo roll.  He’d run back and forth between his food cart and the market to get fresh produce, earning him the nickname Tony Goes.  This would be the name of his first restaurant which would later become The Casino.  In one article I found, it claims he worked with a local bakery to “develop the concept and create the torpedo roll”.  I also found an archive dated 2011 where my cousin Michelle backs up the claim that Nora Jones used to play there at night.

On Thursday, October 7, 2004, The State of New Jersey, Senate and General Assembly passed a Joint Legislative resolution that honors and salutes the Casino Restaurant (Tony Goes).  In celebration of the resolution, proclamation and the 70th anniversary of the Casino Restaurant, the third generation owners, joined by the Assembly Senators, Councilwoman, County Clerk, Dignitaries, customers, and many friends renamed Casio’s creation, the Casino’s Original Italian Hot Dog, as “The Jersey Dog” – The Official Sandwich of New Jersey.

For the record, I have not been able to verify the previous statement is true.  I can verify that Assemblyman Tim Eustace sponsored legislation in April 2016 “designating the Taylor Ham, egg, and cheese sandwich as the New Jersey State Sandwich and supplementing chapter 9A of Title 52 of the Revised Statutes”.  Trying to prove NJ already has a state sandwich has been difficult from the comfort of my MacBook.

The US Patent and Trademark office has registrations for the following trademarks and their first use; “CASINO ’TONY GOES’” (1935), “CASINO” (1935), “CASINO JERSEY DOG” (2004), “THE JERSEY DOG” (2003). It appears Original Italian Hot Dog is up for grabs.  Hold up…. the trademark for “THE JERSEY DOG” was just cancelled on April 28th, 2017. That’s seven days ago!

When I tell people my great-grandfather invented the Italian hot dog, I have to add that someone else created an Italian hot dog in Newark NJ around the same time.  They don’t even look a like though, so Tony Goes is the one you’re probably thinking about.

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  1. Kenneth Kerner

    I was lucky enough to work at Casino Hot Dogs on Anderson St for the Macaroni Family in 75-76 !!! I made thousands of them !!! They had to be made just right or else and don’t forget the touch of salt on top !!!

  2. A link to “The Most Phenomenal Hot Dogs in the U.S.” popped up on my news feed today, which made me think of the Tony Goes hot dogs I remember from my youth. I knew that Casino had closed years ago, but the thought that there might be a current incarnation sent me on a Google search where I found this blog post. Thank you for sharing this history, and seeing that photo made my mouth water! I grew up in NY, but my father was from Trenton and actually worked for Tony when he was a teenager, circa 1940. My family would often stop to eat at Casino in the 60’s and 70’s when we would drive to Trenton to visit my grandmother, and I can still taste the unique flavors and texture of that marvelous hot dog!

  3. Stephen Pretti

    We got Italian Hot dogs for lunch sometimes when I worked at Russo Music in the 80s. It was still Tony Goes then I think.

  4. Helen Hartenstein

    I use to work at Avco Financial Services in Morrisville, Pa. Every Friday our boss would run across the bridge to the Chambersburg area to pick up some delicious, wonderful Italian Jersey dogs. Boy how I miss them plus pork roll. Living in Brunswick, Georgia we have nothing as good as Jersey.

  5. Sandi Schneider

    You are the best!!!! I love your passion for food and family. What all good family traditions are based on!!

    • Scott Kaplan

      I grew upon Morrisville but my dad had a business in the Burg. I used to go to Casino all the time. Still live for casino dogs! I have lived in Florida for 45 years now and still want casino dogs all the time? When I was up visiting 4or5 years ago just for kicks I decided to google search casino dogs and found a place off of route 33 that had some roots to the one in the Burg? There were pictures and maybe some videos of the Burg and Casino restaurant. The dogs were spot on, the torpedo roll tasted just like Italian Peoples rolls? I loved it! I was 12 years old all over again! I went back for a visit a couple of years ago and they were gone☹️! My pop Sam used to always call them Tony Goes and I always called them Casino dogs!! Oh and NO ONIONS PLEASE!!!

  6. There’s a sandwich shop in Morrisville that makes an Italian Hot Dog that looks EXACTLY like your picture! When they started, they had a sweet, older Italian lady in the kitchen, showing them how to make all of the sandwiches, and they still make them (damn near) as good today.

    Running across your article, I’m pretty sure she must have at least worked at Casino at some point.

    Thanks for sharing your story, and thanks to your grandfather fo4 inventing an amazing sandwich!

    Tony C

  7. Sean Parliment

    If it came from Trenton than it is the original Italian hot dog.. I remember growing up eating those. Casino’s on Anderson street was the place to go. Other’s try to make them, but they just cannot come close. From the farm fresh green peppers to the IPB (italian People’s Ba k ery) italian roll..Also the so called New Jersey sandwich is called Pork Roll Egg & Cheese NOT Taylor Ham. I do not or will I recognize the name Taulor Ham. Pork Roll Egg & Cheese should be the state Breakfast sandwich and thevl Italian Hot Dog shpuld be the state sandwich. One mpre thing.. If you make a hot dog with ftench fries on a regular hot dog roll call it an Italian Hot Dog, you should have your business license revoked..

  8. Mary Such

    After reading your story I can remember my first bite. Yum. Yum. Yum it was one of many dogs I enjoyed thanks for the memory?????

  9. Monica M Brinkman

    One of my favorite places to eat when I was a child and lived in the east. Make them at home, but not quite the same. So happy to hear they have won an honorary place in history.

  10. Where can I get a casino hot dog after Jenny G’S closed. Need a good Italian dog, don!t need the Sanatra pictures, if you know what I mean. If you know what I mean I know you have been to Anderson St. I live at the shore but will travel for a casino dog

  11. What a great story, thanks for sharing!

  12. Lynda Fisher

    Wow Anthony! I didn’t know this about you. Hotdogs at Casino is one of my favorite Trenton memories. Now it’s even more special.

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