Why you should put salt in your coffee.

I drink my coffee black.  I make it for myself every morning from freshly ground coffee beans. And I like a deep, rich French roast.  It was my first French roast coffee, Nestlé, imported from France back in 2003, that turned me off of using dairy and sugar in my morning joe.Even the best coffees, I’ve found, can benefit from a pinch of salt in the grounds.  I’ve read that there are two theories on the matter.  One, salt in fact makes things less bitter. There is a chemical inhibitor in sodium that blocks bitter tastes.  Two, salt in fact makes things taste better. Yeah, well… more better, less bitter, as it were.  We know salt brings out the sweetness in fruit, makes chicken taste more like chicken, and makes your pasta taste less like boiled flour and egg. It also melts snow on your sidewalk – of which we’re about to get 14 inches of! WHATWHAT!

Fun fact: salt is the only rock that we eat.

Salted Coffee

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  1. Sue Keffer

    This is such a great website, but it makes me so hungry!

  2. Lynda Fisher

    Don’t forget…it melts slugs too!

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