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Eat Up! Kitchen One Year

Eat Up! Kitchen: Year One

The first Eat Up! Kitchen recipe was posted on March 5th, 2017. The first email went out to thirty one subscribers on March 31st. This is the one year anniversary of Eat Up! Kitchen but it’s neither the beginning nor the end of my journey. I’ve posted nearly one hundred […]

In Defense of Food

Eat Up! with In Defense of Food

So I’m just starting this site up, I’m about twenty hours in to conceptualization, deployment, and refinement. It’s been difficult to put in to words just what it is I want to convey. I know there are some people and events that have brought this together for me, and I […]

Eat Up Kitchen

Eat Up Kitchen

As I begin getting this blog up and running, hopefully with fervor in the coming days and weeks, I’ll post a place holder here and a brief mission statement. I really like food.  I like the ecosystem and life that surrounds food and cooking.  I’m developing a platform to bring forth opportunities […]