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As I begin getting this blog up and running, hopefully with fervor in the coming days and weeks, I’ll post a place holder here and a brief mission statement.

I really like food.  I like the ecosystem and life that surrounds food and cooking.  I’m developing a platform to bring forth opportunities in my kitchen, community, region and, one day, The World (maniacal laugh here).

For now, this is a typical food blog with recipes and nice food photography.

I love cooking and feeding people and I love food photography and want to focus more time on these things.  I’ve come across a fair amount of people who have enjoyed random Instagram and Reddit posts of my cooking.  I typically host dinner parties 5-6 times a year.  I have friends who have no business holding a knife or have a hard time making scrambled eggs.  I’m a member of a supper club that goes to a new restaurant once a month.  I live in a city where too many people go to bed hungry.  There are people who have to choose between food and school books.  We should all have a killer playlist on while we’re cooking.  There’s a lot of resources to gather information about food, cooking, restaurants, environmental impacts, kitchen tools, etc.

Eat Up Kitchen is a harmonious place where food brings people together.

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