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Tomato Burrata Salad

Tomato, Bacon, Egg, and Burrata Salad

Hurry up and get the last of the summer heirloom tomatoes for a Tomato Burrata Salad! This is one of my favorite simple ways to enjoy in-season tomatoes. A little lettuce, basil, crumbled bacon, and hard boiled egg, topped with Burrata, olive oil, black pepper, and Maldon sea salt. We’re […]

Penne with Tomatoes

Penne with Tomatoes

This Penne with Tomatoes recipe has very few ingredients and comes together as fast as you can chop them up. If you can’t get in-season local tomatoes though, well, you’re just not going to be riding on cloud nine with me. This is one of my go-to summer recipes that […]

Grandpop's Sunday Gravy

Grandpop’s Sunday Sauce

Grandpop’s Sunday Sauce comes from a small collection of recipes handed down to me by my aunt. The original recipe for his restaurant makes about seven gallons so I’ve converted it to about three quarts for home kitchens. This is the quintessential Italian tomato sauce I had growing up and […]

Cherry Tomato Sauce

Simple Cherry Tomato Sauce

At it’s core, Italian cooking is about simple fresh ingredients. Sweet little Cherry Tomatoes, good Olive Oil, crushed Garlic, and a pinch of Sea Salt make the most simple, delicious sauce that only takes about 15 minutes. Picking up where I left off with “PERFECT SPAGHETTI”, I came home with […]