Simple 2 Minute Omelette

I thought I’d do a little video this morning as I made my omelette.  The take away from this is two fold.  (1) Omelettes are incredibly easy, don’t ever think them. (2) A good omelette doesn’t need anything more than farm fresh eggs and a pinch of salt.  Just add a nice pinch of kosher salt to three cracked eggs and whip them up for 30 seconds in a bowl.  I keep thinking I want a super cheesy, Jersey Dinner omelette in the morning but the only reward I get from that is regret.  Bleh.

Oh, also, I’ve learned that you should just commit to buying a new non stick skillet every 18 months or so.  This 8 inch pan only cost me $25.

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  1. Lynda Fisher

    Damn, Dude!!!!!! Killer.

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