Homemade Ravioli

Homemade Ravioli with Pancetta and Asparagus

Homemade ravioli is one of those home cooked meals you just have to make at some point.  It doesn’t take a lot of work, it’s a ton of fun, and you can use all sorts of fillings! I’m using pancetta and asparagus in a brown butter sage sauce.

Sausage Cassoulet

Sausage Cassoulet with Broccoli Rabe

A cassoulet is a classic slow cooked dish originating from the south of France which typically has pork or duck and white beans. I picked up some sage pork sausage from L. Halteman’s at Reading Terminal Market to make this Sausage Cassoulet with Broccoli Rabe. There’s so many great things you can make […]

The Best Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese

What’s the secret to the richest, creamiest, silky smoothest Mac & Cheese? I’ve tried The Food Lab’s Ultra-Gooey Stovetop Mac and Cheese Recipe by Kenji López-Alt and it’s quite good. But, there’s kind of a lot of steps and ingredients and I’ve heard of this secret ingredient which is supposed to […]

Beef Stew with Guinness

Beef Stew with Guinness

This beef stew with Guinness recipe focuses on developing flavor by using different cooking techniques. The beef is first broiled, the onions are fried in olive oil and butter, and the potatoes are pre-cooked in salty water. Usually I make a beef stew a couple of times a year once the […]

Tomato Braised Chicken Thighs

Tomato Braised Chicken with Homemade Pappardelle

This recipe for chicken thighs braised in tomatoes with white beans, served over homemade pappardelle is one of my all time favorites. There’s something about the chicken fat melting in to the acidic tomatoes that melds in to one of the most under-appreciated sauces ever.

Fish Tacos

Tilapia Fish Tacos

Tacos! What can’t you do with the blank slate that is the corn tortilla? And who the heck doesn’t love a taco?! I’ve lightly fried up some fish tacos for lunch today and, not only do they look pretty, they taste light and healthy.  I’ve left out heavy, overwhelming ingredients like […]

Pan Roasted Chicken Breast

Perfectly juicy, flavorful chicken breast.

This recipe takes some time but the reward of a perfectly juicy, flavorful chicken breast is worth it. I won’t keep you waiting… Brine it, Dry it, Baste it, Bake it. First, start off with the best chicken you can buy. Today I went to Whole Foods but my local […]