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Bourbon Butter Pancakes

Bourbon Butter Pancakes

These Bourbon Butter Pancakes are a flavorful update to the classic dull pancake recipe. Use bourbon butter instead of regular butter and brown sugar instead of white sugar for a pancake that has notes of caramel. Also, Lemon Zest! I’m not a pancake lover. I think they’re flavorless and exist […]

Soft Cooked Eggs - Sousvide

What’s the best way to Soft Cook an Egg?

There was some time a couple of months back where I kept overhearing conversations about the best way to cook an egg. I genuinely wasn’t sure so I didn’t have anything to add to the conversation. What do you do when you’re not smart enough to talk about something? YOU […]

Banana Bread

Banana Bread

Is Banana Bread a Breakfast or Dessert? You decide! This family recipe takes 15 minutes to prep and 45 to bake. My brother-in-law has been asking me to make his grandmother’s recipe for Banana Bread for a while now. I set a goal for myself to make it before Thanksgiving […]

Steak and Eggs with Breakfast Potatoes

Steak & Eggs with Breakfast Potatoes

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to Steak and Eggs with Breakfast Potatoes?! Making it at home sure beats waiting in line at that popular(ly overpriced) brunch spot. I really like waking up early in the autumn. It’s great to finally be able to open the windows without breaking in […]

Cinnamon Rolls with Mexican Coffee Glaze

Cinnamon Rolls

When life gives you fresh sticks of cinnamon, make Cinnamon Rolls! I made Mexican Cold Brew Coffee this past week which left me with a craving for some Cinnamon Rolls. It also left me with some Mexican Cold Brew Coffee to make a sugar glaze. And since I had some […]

Brioche Bacon Egg and Cheese

A Brioche, Bacon, Egg and Cheese morning

A good Sunday morning starts with a bacon egg and cheese sandwich and a fresh cup of fair trade coffee.  A better Sunday morning starts with fresh made brioche bread and a sunny playlist.  I’ve been flipping through this Fannie Farmer cookbook for inspiration recently and have already started on two different […]